Updates and Such

I’m super proud of Lucas, we enrolled him into head start this week. He starts in the fall. My little man is entering the world of school and its bitter sweet.

I’m still growing bigger and bigger, I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow. I’m taking it easy, trying to prevent placenta previa and preterm labor. I had killer Braxton hicks for almost two hors. I knew they were Braxton hicks, but I was convinced that I would need to head to the er if they didn’t go away.

Grandma is dealing with a stomach bug. Although I’m glad Lucas and I didn’t get it, I’m sad that she felt like crap lately and we didn’t know why.

I’ve been sewing a lot more lately. I can’t wait to have finished products so I can show you ladies.

90210, one of my favorite shows ended this week. They could have done more with the finale. I was hoping of more of a Gossip Girl ending but eh. It would have been cool to see where the characters ended up. Maybe a 5 year later type of thing. My second favorite show The Vampire Diaries has a season finale this week as well. Hope it’s good.

I’m starting to take control of my evenings. It makes me happy that I can relax on Mondays and Thursdays. A little bit of t.v, a face mask, and a little bit of nail painting goes a long way. I will enjoy it until my little girl comes in September.

Enough of the babble. Have a great night ladies.

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Lost in the Woods, Session 2

Meganlynn and Madison did a great job. Especially in these photographs where they portrayed really being lost in the woods. The sun started coming out which added a little sparkle to my dresses. I’m really amazed how these pictures came out.

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Interior Design Ideas

Oh this is beautiful. I had to do a color swatch of this living area.

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Fashion Looks, Color inspiration

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Lost in the Woods: Sesson 1

 This line took me 10 weeks to create. I’m so proud of it. Meganlynn put an extra touch to it by taking a risk and going so far in the woods with us to get this done. These pictures came out flawless. I couldn’t think of it in any other way. Photographing and creating a line….one word—Awesome! If you would like to set up a photo booking, feel free to email me.

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Spring Time: Flowers

Feel free to save this if you like the colors, and use the color squares for any graphic design you create.

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New Hair Care and Reviews

I am no longer using harsh chemicals in my hair. As a mixture of Latina, Italian, and Spanish, I have really curly hair, and growing up I was always told to tame it and straight hair is always better. For years I’ve straightened my hair with chemicals, and dyed my hair. I changed my hair care routine, and noticed my hair already looks better. This week I bought a series of new hair items. I hope I can help someone who has the same hair texture as me. So let’s get to the reviews.

 I used to wash my hair every day. I noticed my hair was making me look older than it really was. With a toddler and baby on the way I doubt I’ll have time to take lengthy showers.I’ve used this for a couple of days, not only does it smell good, but after you brush through your hair it feels refreshed and you would never notice you didn’t wash your hair in a couple of days. I have a feeling this will do wonders when my hair is straightened (with a flat iron.)

 Oh I have split ends, I haven’t had the chance to get a quick trim. The packaging says you will see a difference after 3 uses, but I saw a difference after 1. The reason why is because I sat with a bonnet on my head and kept it in for almost 45 minutes. After I washed it out, I then filled up my spray bottle 75% water, 25% Pro-Mend, and kept it in. I thought after doing this I would have build up but no. I styled my hair as usual and I didn’t have frizz all day. I’m not sure if making a leave in conditioner works for everyone, but for my super curly hair it did. My hair was soft all day.

A dream in a bottle, a little bit of this goes a long way. I apply just to the ends of hair, and my curls stay in place. My ends are the worse because I haven’t went in for a trim yet. This makes my hair look like I don’t have split ends, and it doesn’t even get that hard. Best of all it’s all natural. I’m thinking about tweaking this for next week by doing the spray bottle trick, I just want to make this product last a little longer, since it worked perfectly the first time, maybe with a little bit of water plus my conditioner trick it will be perfect.

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