Charity: We did it! Raised over $800

update 12/27/2012

We did it, we raised over $800 to coupons to troops. We donated to OCPNET and Coupons to Troops over seas. The families even sent us emails to thank them. How exciting! It made this holiday season even better.

I’m looking to donate more for Easter!


For the month of November,we’re doing the coupons for troops charity. This is where we donate our coupons to the following charities:

Overseas Coupon Program:
Coupons to Troops:

We’ve been clipping coupons on our free time, and we’re sending them off sometime next week. We have TONS, I mean Tons of coupons that we’re donating to the troops over seas.

Our goal is $950 worth of coupons that we will split to both organizations.

With that said, if any of you have any coupons that are expired or about to expire, the troops stationed overseas can use them for up to 6 months after they expire. If you have any coupons that you’d like to donate, you can do it on your own by simply typing in “donate your coupons to troops” or click on the two links above, which I chosen to donate to.


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