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This Looks Worse Than What It Really Is

This picture just looks horrible. It’s a pumpkin (before anyone writes me a note calling me a murderer.) You can’t even see my face, and somehow it looks oh so… Halloweeny? I wanted to put this in the throwback Thursday … Continue reading

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90210 Is Almost Over :(

Aw I’m so sad that one of my favorite shows is going to be done with in one more week. What else am I going to do with my Mondays? Some one play me the silent mini violin. This 9:00 … Continue reading

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Free Sponsors and its Fo’ Free

I want to thank everyone who visits my blog, we’re beyond 20,000 hits and I’m so excited. With that said, for the month of May I’m offering free shipping. Simply email me your button and I will put you on … Continue reading

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Things He Says

Luke’s pretty funny. When he get’s hurt “I need a band-aid, it’s broken.” There is never blood, never a bruise, or even redness, but it’s broken according to him. When he gets a little food on him or get’s a … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Fit into my Yoga Pants…

I haven’t weighed in since my last doctors appointment, and I refuse to torture myself with the scale here, but now I know for sure I’m gaining weight. Man…. The depression of not being able to fit into my yoga … Continue reading

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20 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello Ladies. I’m 20 weeks pregnant which means a lot of updates. I’ve been feeling super hormonal, tired, and lost sometimes. Although I have a big support system, I don’t know who to turn to sometimes. I guess I feel … Continue reading

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Hello ladies, you can now find me on Linkedin. For my profile: Click Here I’m still getting used to the website, and I will soon have a link over on the left hand side on the website.  Go ahead and … Continue reading

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